Snaps from last weekend’s visit to Arezzo. Everyone was there to enjoy the flea market and pick up vintage articles for our Still Life paintings.

But this first photo is proof of my secret agenda. 😝 I was there to view this amazing, vibrant fresco of Maria Maddalena by Piero Della Francesca from before 1459 at the Cattedrale di Arezzo.

Santa Maddalena is painted here with her hair loosely cascading over her shoulders while she holds a pot of the best oils she could find to apply on Christ’s feet on that unforgettable day at the Sepulchre. Her loose hair hints at her rouged past while the oils signify her conversion, her choice to give the best of herself. It is her language of love for the One who inspired her to become a better version of herself.

Love transforms and expands us to the heights and depths of our humanity. Love calls us into alignment and gives us the strength to walk away from everything otherwise. Love never grows old, only more beautiful, more powerful with time.

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