Just before the New Year, i was asked about my writing practice, “what do you write about?”. I love this question for its directness and how it leads me to asking myself, “yes indeed, what do i write about? furthermore, why do i write? Why bother, what is it for?”

Easily, I do it for me.
Writing helps clear my thoughts, my experience of everything and anything.
It keeps me entertained because finding the best words to express myself gives me a thrill;
Writing also encourages me to question how my experiences are similar to others or different, and this helps me relate better; the world feels friendlier than it used to be.
When I write I somehow feel more connected to others, more human, most alive. Writing puts life in perspective, and not just any perspective, but meaningful perspective.

So this year, expect me to write more about the bits and bobs of my everyday experiences. I am a painter by vocation and my life is an expression of my creative spirit. My younger self confused this artistic spirit for the inconvenience and embarrassment that others made me feel for it —— too serious, too intense, too different, too much. Now that I have finally found my place in the sun, I am celebrating it all with curated words aimed at genuine expression and beautiful connection.

This is the epiphany I am grateful for on this Feast of the Epiphany.

My hope is that you enjoy my phrases and find a part of yourself and your experiences in any or all of them. May my practice be useful to you wherever you are in your precious life. There is a fountain of good amongst us all and i invite you to dip your cup and drink with me from this blessed wellspring.

#thepainterwhowrites #fromthelandofmaitri