A mentor once told me, “Art opens many joys in your life that were hidden before – both inside you and outside you.” And this, by far rings true in my life in a way that humbles me and makes it possible for me to understand what it means to be grateful, everyday for everything. Not to say that I am spared from heartache or self-doubt because art has not dulled my senses to life’s imperfections. Art simply keeps nudging me towards positivity and this, I believe, is how it opens many joys within. And as within, so without.

I am preparing for a group show in July this year —- a stint that reflects my secret longing to share the beauty and mystery of places that have touched my soul in the hope that these pieces would inspire joy and hope and positivity. Each piece is a gift to those who would receive it. Each work is a child of my heart, birthed into the world for those whose lives, like mine, were changed by beauty, not only for the better, but more certainly, for good.

P.S. Exhibit details to follow soon. I’ll be seeing you! In the meantime, sharing with you a view of The Vltava and Charles Bridge against the Prague Castle in “Prague at Dusk”