I have heard it said that paintings are an imprint of the artist’s soul. Each day that I spend marrying pigment to brush on canvas or panel gives credence to this view. It almost feels like a moving and active meditation, a time for the soul’s communion with its experience of reality, translated thoughtfully onto the painting. Long and tedious work on challenge areas eventually reward me with unexpected breakthroughs, preceded by my own heart racing as I paint angles and values with bated breath, to visibly convincing positions. At last, her foot appears mid-stride. This was my most recent and significant breakthrough.

Although I am convinced that painting is my vocation in life, I am grateful for the day job that I enjoy very much. It keeps me balanced and supports my art. It allows me to aspire towards paintings that represent an inner eternal flame for beauty, truth and meaning beyond the tangible and the daily routine. My hope is for others to view these works, these so-called imprints, and to derive joy and substance from what I have seen and felt in life, so far. I agree that art happens as the work unfolds from within the artist and just as meaningfully, art happens when the viewer is engaged and the work evokes an awareness for the substantial in his life. I seek to bring joy this way.

Each work is a gift from a heart that burns within; from a heart filled with gratitude for the gift that it can never fully deserve but can only render in faith, for others.