A chorus of sunset paintings done from my balcony last week. It was first purposed as a diversion from the Still Lifes I have been painting indoors since the lockdown began in early March. Then it became a challenge to me, to try and capture the movement of light across the sky just before the sun turned over its reins to the moon and its nocturnal magic. I had about an hour to work every day and within that hour were many decisions to make along with mistakes, plenty of them! And yes, there were remedies to be dealt and lived with, as the sun descended and merged into the horizon each day. Thirty minutes into the first painting, I thought, “Whatever made me think this was the diversion I needed??!!” Humor in art is a must-have and just as important as persistence and a hopeful spirit. So, I soldiered on each day.

It was not so much about what I accomplished as much as what I learned from this week of chasing sunsets, that really made a difference. I learned that it is good to take what we are given for the day and make the most of it. Unlike Still Lifes that allow deliberate arrangements in composition, sunsets are spontaneous and unrehearsed. Painting them taught me to remain open and flexible to Mother Nature’s parade of light for the day. I learned to let things be, having faith that I had what I needed to finish each painting at day’s end. I learned that what work I had for the day was a gift and a grace and that will always be enough.

These paintings were a masterclass in humility and I am equally thankful for the sense of wonder and joy that I found along the way. Now I share them with you, with thoughts of all good things for you. Loads of love always! ♥️🙏🏻🌈👩🏻‍🎨

“The Sunsets of May”, oil on panel, 25×35 cms, May 2020